The James Two List

Committed to the unity of believers in worship

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The following list of churches have stated they will seek to preserve the unity of the gathered church, by not segregating based on vaccination status.

Each church listed is in agreement with the Free To Be Church statement of faith (hyperlink). This list only relates to non-segregation of people based on vaccination status. Please contact the churches directly for more specific information on their polices and practices.

We hope this list is helpful for those seeking churches who are faithful to the James 2:1 principle. However, we encourage believers to be patient, and gracious towards their leaders and to discuss these issues before seeking fellowship elsewhere, even if your church is choosing to segregate.

The views, teachings and practices of each church on this list are not the responsibility of Free To Be Church.

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Please watch our webinar, “Why the Church Doors Should Be Open to the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated” for more info on our biblical position in this issue. (With hyperlink)